Hand-Sewn Lullabies

by Dejah Léger

When singer-songwriter and traditional musician Dejah Leger became a mother, she realized how few authentic, subtle lullaby CDs suited her tastes. In response, she created a refreshingly honest and relaxing lullaby collection called Hand Sewn Lullabies. She recorded this album in one afternoon using just guitar and voice. Harmonies woven throughout bring to mind a gathering of mothers singing to a child, and the guitar work is rich and varied. Drawing from her French-Canadian music sources (she is also in the Acadian group La Famille Leger), Dejah sings in archaic French for two berceuses. Her a cappella rendition of All the Pretty Horses is haunting, as is her eery and enchanting Swedish Lullaby. Her musical rendering of the classic poem "Wynken, Blynken and Nod" is already being requested by cover artists, and she even throws on a new song that she wrote for her daughter. Add in the bittersweet rendering of Charlotte's Web's "Mother Earth and Father Time" and you have a lullaby CD that will become a household favorite.